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In 2007, a retired Professor Emeritus of Horticulture discovered a lone wild hop plant on his Wisconsin Farm. He knew the potential of this hop as the Wisconsin hop growing industry had ended over 140 years ago, allowing over a century of cross-pollination to produce a unique variety. As a family with some brewing experience we began the pleasurable task of test brewing with these hops only to discover their excellent bittering and head retention characteristics coupled nicely with the hops’ traditional flavor.

After extensive lab tests confirmed that no domesticated hops exhibit the profile of these hops, their wild nature was confirmed and so was born NORTHERN DISCOVERY®  Wild Wisconsin Hops.

Through propagation of root stock from the mother plant, our farm known as SILVER HOPS, has grown production 4-fold annually. 2011 proved a successful year with a larger than expected harvest coupled with our first year of expansion beyond the professional brewing industry and into the homebrewer market.  With a large expansion of our fields for 2013 we saw a 250% increase in yield and with several acres now in production we're exceeding a ton of hops annually. We encourage Breweries to make contact with us early as we always sell out.  

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